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a person who enjoys eating and often eats too much. synonyms: glutton, overeater, big eater, gobbler, gorge.

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About a year ago, I went to Auberge du Pont de Collonges, a 3 stars michelin restaurant by Paul Bocuse in Lyon, France. It was pricey, but it was a very pleasant experience.I hope that one day I would come back with the ones I care

Btw, If you want to know more, click on the image to see the details.

Bienvenue à Paris!

My friend recommends me a food to hunt for. Entrecôte with foie gras! (Which I later know as Entrecôte Rossini)

So, he recommends me this restaurant, La Petite Cour.

It was a very nice dinner. I do reccomend tasting the Black Angus Entrecôte with excellent seared foie gras.


Made this 5 months ago. Thanks to a friend who kept these pics.

As promised before, here’s an update of my molecular cuisine class! It was meant to release my stress between exams, and it did! That was the end of November for me.

Sweet stuffs at the Montreux Christmas Market. What a delicious market… Ooopss…

So, exams are done. Time to have fun! First stop : Montreux for their Christmas Market. What’s my goal? FOOD!!!!

First stop : crepes with Smoked Salmon.

I met this Russian Crepes with smoked salmon. Before he served this to us, he warmed it first. It was very good, but I would add horseradish cream and a bit of dill and lemon juice. ;)

Anyways, saw this guy roasting chestnuts;

He’s going crazy! and so we got some… 

Boy it was very good. It was softer than the ones sold in the streets here in switzerland. The problem is, they didn’t cut it so it was hard to peel.

Well, that’s almost all. Here’s a puppeteer to brighten your day!

I will post some sweets from this market soon!

So, sorry have been neglecting for a while.

Exams are (almost) over, and next Saturday, I will go for a week-long trip! (Hint: Will be in the capital of windmill country and a city of love! Promise I’ll update afterwards)

So, I will put automatic updates on what I have been doing.

Those includes:

  • Cooked Rice Porridge/Congee with Soto broth.
  • My molecular cuisine course

Some sneak peek:



Catch you later guys! 

Jamu, an ancient art of Herbal Potions. It is known from the islands of Java and Bali. It is considered as a Traditional Medicine and it is a hard job to sell Jamu.

In Indonesia, the way they sell Jamu is to carry it around their back (gendong) and that’s why they call it Jamu Gendong. Imagine carrying a basket full of bottles everyday around town to get a fortune. But now, some of them sells jamu by bike.

Anyways, it has properties to heal, give stamina, or even to tighten private parts ;)

Just watch out, nowadays, there are lots of fake Jamu seller who mixes Jamu with drugs like Paracetamol, Fenilbutazon, and Piroxicam.

Personally, my weirdest one so far is the one that I took when I had a cold and have to work. The lady (mbok) puts duck egg yolk inside the drink. It was ok, and good thing that cold didn’t turn into something worse.

Try Jamu! Now big companies such as “Air Mancur”, “Bintang Toedjoeh”, “Mustika Ratu”, or “Nyonya Menir” produces modern and hygiene jamu which you can buy in drug stores. Who knows that you just found another solution to loose body fat :D


Super-porky, thinly sliced, or subtly smoked—all your favorites are here.

From Bacon to Baloney: Get to Know Your Cured Meats:

Try it as a cold cuts platter, with some cheese, nuts, dried fruits, and some bread. Mix and match! Some mixes are horrible while some are fantastic!